Sunday, May 19, 2013

One with the earth

Her voice resounds
As it strums
The life strings of my soul
The wind echoes
Her melodic tones
Words so pure
Holy and wise
Language of the ancients
Bidding my soul
Peace and goodbye

I stop to watch
My soul listens 
And breathes between sunsets

An old memory
Almost forgotten
Nearly left behind
Stirs softly
In the recesses of my mind
A promise given
Never to let go
Tenderly cherished
By hands warm, strong
Holding mine
As a tear falls

I stop to remember
My soul sighs
And breathes between sunsets

The sands of time
Flow gently 
Like a dewdrop on a flower
From stem to petal
From petal to earth
As the winds storm
And tides turn
Seasons change
And I become one
One with the earth
As it breathes between sunsets

Copyright@ Tineeka

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