Sunday, July 7, 2013


The mountain moved
Or did I
For both resisted change
Resisted, rejected 
Hid in the darkness of our own shadows
Repulsed by what it brought

“Go away”, I said
You are danger

“I am the king of the valley”, it said
And you are nothing

Barred away in narrow vision
And trumped up by vanity
We stood tall
With false ego and pride
That was our downfall

For change moved us
Moved it
Moved I
And one morning 
I woke to find
Not the king of the valley
And call of the eagle
But brisk salty winds
And call of the seagull

The mountain had moved
And so had I
But as I look across the Cerulean waters
White sail calling my name

All I can say is
“Give me a star to steer her by”
I will
Resist you 
Never again

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