Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bold Ballet

This is a poem that inspired me once while watching a unique dance portrayed by a handicapped lady and a gentleman. It is a Chinese ballet and I have tried to capture its essence and my emotions at the moment that I first viewed this. I have named it as Bold Ballet and would appreciate your comments to find if I have been successful in capturing its essence.

He flitted
She glided
Across the stage
Towards the other
To entwine
And embrace
Beautiful music
Their souls
As he stretched
His arms
And she soared
In dance
They were whole
He had no leg
She had no arm
But together
They were
More complete
Than any whole
any one


  1. After reading the last word my immediate thought to describe in one word what you captured is "Fractured". As looking at a beautiful picture in a fractured picture frame you look beyond the cracks of glass to see the beauty within the picture. You looked through the fractures of the people and saw the beauty in the dance. Bravo.

  2. Thank you Vince, I am glad you see that for it is what I saw. Here is the link to that truly amazing dance -

  3. I felt like I was dancing with your poem. Youve made me into a ballerina. Beautiful poem. ;)

  4. Thanks Adrianna :) I'm dancing with you!