Monday, April 15, 2013

My Love

This was done for a poetry writing prompt and I can't take all the credit as the main words come from the song :) Please do listen to the song however as it is truly inspiring :)

Inspired and crafted out of the the original song "Mi Morena" by Josh Groban in his album "Closer"

My love
I can see
Your vision
So beautiful
When the music plays
Your body
Is a bird of grace
Mi Morena
I watched
You dance
In rain like holy water
You Shined
A silver flame
A ghost
You danced alone
You are my soul
My love
I watched you dance
Fluid is your dress 
Silk and lace
A nylon guitar 
Notes lift to slip away
Mi morena
You are my cross 
Of feathers and bone
My heart 
I carved of stone
As I whisper your name
The sun bows to the moon
And I watch once more
For you
Only you
Mi morena
Hold out your hand
In this night
Be my lover
Let me fall 
Into your eyes
My fire of love
I would steal the stars
For I adore you
Mi morena

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