Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Am a Molotov cocktail !

I was
Afraid to cry
I might start hurting
Afraid to hurt
I might start hating
But I could not stop
My soul from weeping
Tears that would not fall
Buried deep
Fear held 
Too strong
For too long
Afraid to speak
What voice, have I
Never asked for pain
What did you hope to gain
With pointed fingers 
And hushed whispers
Judging, condemning
A ragged wretch
You made me
A danger to all
A Molotov cocktail
Is me
Am I 
Drenched in misery
Set aflame by rage
Let me
Engulf you in 
Hot wild flames
Make you burn 
Feel my pain
In your cruel words
You taunted me
That I would not dare
To strike back
But be warned
I am a Molotov cocktail
And yes I would 
Dare !