Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thoughts in the Wind

Thoughts in the Wind

As I wrote
Within the shade
Of an old Dutch church
Against the pews of the rich
I felt cold, sad and lonely
And strange enough, envy
As dark shadows overcame me
Strange thoughts became me
And a voice not my own
Whispered above me
"Look at that, wretched woman
Oh common class!
How could she smile
What right has she
Her hat so drab,
her old clothes so sappy
Yet her eyes twinkle
says that she is happy
How could she be?
That child !
Look at her
On the cold hard floor
Seated beside
The grand wooden door
Don't they know how to behave
In this Grand Church 
That we built !
They should be sad
miserable and cold
Why weren't they?
Oh I must look away
But look that child
How she smiles
Why does she smile?
Her dark matted hair
Could never match 
Mine tresses gold
Yet those eyes
Those same sparkles
Hush ! now we rise
To praise the Risen Lord
Tap Tap, Tap Tap
What is that dratted noise
That old man, 
Another commoner
Toothless as it is
Tapping with his rotten stick
To the rhythm of God's Music
Dear Lord, even he smiles
with dark twinkling eyes
As I stand here,
Among the betters
Are we?
Cold and silent
Mouthing silent words
Of the gilded book
Our clothes speak of quality
Our status Lord and Lady
By all rights it is I that should
Smile and laugh
But why then 
Are my
So bleak

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